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The Palazzo Collection by Stellato introduces the Duo Valet - a concept that transforms the traditional valet into a contemporary furniture for men and women.


The Duo Valet seeks to bring forth a romantic flair for the bedroom by designing the Monsieur's space on the left and the Madam's space on the right while maintaing the perfect balanced symmetry. 


The Stellato Valets is a luxurious statement that incoportates new functional elements and materials handcrafted by the most skilled artisans of Veneto, Italy. 


Made to order and materials tailored custom.


Custom Order
    • Made to order.
    • Handcrafred by Master Artisans in Veneto & Murano.
    • Glass elements made of certified Murano glass.
    • Natural variations in material color make each piece unique.
    • Each material option can be personalized from our material book.


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