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Stellato's vision for the Stella lamp collection is to bring forth timeless and contemporary Italian home decor that blend the modern present with ancient Venetian techniques - offering the ultimate Italian living experience. 


Blurring the lines between lighting and sculpture, each crafted piece is unique and brings forward some of the best Italian craftsmanship in Murano. The design conveys purity in its form, nuance, and style through the combination of glass and metal. 

Each piece is mouthblown and wired in Murano, Italy. 


Color: Ametista is the Italian name for Amethyst. This piece symbolizes the birth of Stellato, as it was the first product to be created. It is a one-of-a-kind color unique to Venice and can be found in the marble of Basilica San Marco. Its shades is a mix of Purple and Rose, and its hue can be slightly lighter or darker depending on the time of day, and the amount of melted glass used to create the piece.


Table Lamp 100% MADE IN ITALY.


    • Glass base crafted of Certified Murano Glass and made in Murano.
    • Every lamp is hand-blown by Murano glass masters, no two are exactly the same.
    • Metal base options in brushed brass/bronze metal.
    • Arrives with a transparent cord. Gold/Brown/Black/White fabric cords available upon request. 
    • 110-120V Manufacturered to U.S Standards. 
    • Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid the use of all cleaners and abrasives, as they could damage the finish.