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A French - American graduate with an Interior Design Bachelor’s Degree from The Florence Institute of Design International in Italy & The University of Chester in England, Lortal acquired the knowledge and skills in design subjects such as - Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Italian Art History, and Color Theory. During her last year at the Institute of Florence, Lortal studied the history of  Venice to develop her Thesis, "L'Officina dell Arte", An arts center that provides spaces for the youth, local artists, and the community of Venice to gather and take on artistic activities, nourishing social interactions, and human relationships. 

Lortal’s passion for high-end furniture & design, networking, and cultural curiosity for the country she lived in, enriched her style and gave way to her brand. Her design philosophy is to work with the past in creating timeless contemporary pieces through combinations of playful colors & functionality while recalling traditional techniques unique to Venice and the island of Murano.

Lortal works directly with Italian glass masters and artisans, leading  to aesthetically successful and functional pieces for interiors.

The intent of the each collection within Stellato is to bring homage to the beauty of pure Italian craftsmanship and its city where it all began accompanied by a modern twist.



final portait Vanessa.jpg

Stellato derives from the passionate story of Lortal's admiration for the City of Water. The brand aims at creating functional furniture and lighting for residential and hospitality interiors while incorporating life-long techniques used by the glass masters of Murano.

Stellato recalls the radiance of the city's stars and its skies to the radiance found within each handmade piece. The collection of table lamp bases in Murano Glass reflect their own nuance of colors, making each piece uniquely special throughout different times of the day.

The multitude of colors offered for these products reflect the colors of Venice's skyline, and its picturesque sunset gradients.

Today, Stellato aims at sharing Lortal's passion of Italian craftsmenship and design - all in one unique piece. 

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