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Stellato envisions the world of living with timeless and elegant Italian pieces that blend the modern present with historical Venetian techniques - offering the ultimate Italian living experience. The collections offer sophisticated and contemporary vases mouth-blown by Master Glass Artisans from Murano, making each piece truly unique. The Stellato Bloom Vases stand out for their natural way of changing color depending on the time of day. 


Color: The Stellato Ambra is the Italian name for Amber - a type of gemstone commonly found in Venetian jewelry. Its pure and lighter tone differentiates Amber from the smokey Fumé candle holder.


Blends beautifully with the Golden Hour vase and the Ambra candle holders.


Can be customized by adding gold leaf for a luxurious shine.

Vase blown using the Rostrato technique. 


Offering a vast selection of sizes and colors, Stellato creates custom designs upon request for the hospitality & high-end residential industry.

Thank you for contacting info@stellatoitaly for custom projects.




    • Made to order.
    • Mouthblown and handcrafred by skilled glass master artisans in Murano. 100% Made in Murano, Italy.
    • Glass vase made of certified Murano glass.
    • Vase includes its complementary black velevet pouch, and four anti scracth adhesive pads.
    • Natural variations in color make each vase unique.
    • Sold individually.
    • For decorative use only.
    • Hand wash only.
    • Fragile piece - to be handled with great care. 


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